Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Minutes before the UEFA Champions league 2008-09 final between Barcelona FC and Manchester United FC at Stadio Olympico, Rome:
Before his players ran out into the Stadio Olimpico pitch on Wednesday night, Barcelon Football Club coach Pep Guardiola - along with Catalan journalist, Santi Padro - put together a video clip that showed his players at their finest moments with scenes from the film, Gladiator. There were no motivational talks or speeches - just the video which played in the darkness of the locker room.
As the seven minute video played the room remained speechless with the final minute of the video playing the music from the final act of Puccinis opera at full volume.

As the lights came back up some of the players had been moved to tears and others began shouting fully indicating that Peps tactics had achieved the desired result. Without a word from Guardiola the team proceeded to the pitch and the rest was history.

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