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Funny Thing Called SMS :: MUST READ

This ones' really funny.. read thruuu.. :D

Funny Thing Called SMS


Hi This is Bobby Koshy Varghese Reporting Yet Again From God's Own Country.

This thing happened when I was in  One of those Beautiful, vibrant, enigmatic , euphoric , sentimental, romantic ,  magnanimous n buoyant college days.  Mobile phones Where Usurping every Jeans Pocket In the College. On My End Its as Usual  as to grab any new Trend that's at the gates of the campus. So there I was in front  of all  the mobile stores in the town in search of the so called "Cant- BEAT- my-Phone " sort of Phone. Keeping In My Mind the Serious scarcity for money I tried to negotiate Between Style and the golden Bucks I managed to sneak from Dad on my last trip to Home.

Finally I got Hold Of one Which was really cool and which was a fair compromise between my likings and my budget.Anyway I ensured that it would impress everyone.

     On the days that followed the whole campus started twinkling with Mobile Phone Mania. People got Phones Which were more impressive than that of mine. This is what u call as Getting Outdated. And Hence Forth Came the Great Era of SMSs. Coz making calls wont suffice the monthly Pocket Money That arrived from Home. I used to wonder How many SMSs ld b flying across the skies of our campus. So much so that they could cause air traffic Problems.


SMS (if U dont know ) fall into 8 different catogories. They are:-


1.Love Messages( Couples Sending it to each other. 24X7 service and forms the Bulk of the Lot)

2Friendship messages( The Solace of the commoner. This comes with the relief that someone is there to think of u )

3.Group messages(Cheapest of the lot and the most widely exploited)

4.Forwards(U do it coz u r frustrated since u don recieve any and hence in expectation of recieving a reply or another forward)

5.Airtel,Hutch, Idea Offers(Sometimes Very Useful, at times it will rib ur brain)

6.Informational Messages(Like The Ones U recieve from ur class Rep Saying that the class test is postponed)

7.Personal Messages(Eg: "Hows U? Hows Life?" Though U met her Before leaving college,that particular Evening, u just cant resist the crush)

8.AnonyMousMessages(The Most Interesting as well as the Most DANGEROUS of the SMS genere)


Since I din fall into the first 7 catogories and GOD's will was that i must fall into the Eighth, I started recieving a set of highly interesting Anonymous Messages on a beautiful december evening. I welcome U all to the series of SMS messages that i shared with my Anonymous Messenger...!!!



AnonyMous(A): Hi Bobby.... Hws U?:-)


Me(M):-  Hi I m 5ne. May I kno Who dis is …?


A:- I m 1 f ur well wishers Dear. Hv Been Watching u 4 quite sumtime ….


M: Hmmm ..:) Interesting .. Neva Knew I hav fans in this college. Which branch?


A: I m into Civil Engg branch yar…U r so handsome..Bobby!!


M: Hey sweety .. tell me who u r….!!! don xcite me nymore..:))


A: No Yar.. nother time..nt nw. i ll feel Mbarassed…!! Bt I heard that u flunked the series test…?


M:-oH Dat's Usual NAA? Neva Bothers till It happens in University Xams . Marks ld be send home yar…


A: Oh That's Bad Naa? U manage wid all these things back Home…?


M:-Its so Easy Yar. Just Tell Dad that Evrythin is k.. He is damn Busy wid work n Moms Scoldings.


Leave all that yar.. Just tell me Who dis well wisher of mine is…..Eager to Meet U dear.. PLSSSS


A: No J I really feel shameful yar…!! I ll tell u later… Not Nw.. Pls


M:-No Sweet Heart .. I wanna kno… Pls……..yar … Treat AT Uncles Right Nw.. Pls


A: Oh … a TREAT? I really don want to to tell my name but still …..No yar .. later plss


M: Oh u R drivin me Crazy… Pls…. One show at Ragam Theatre … Please…. Tell ur divine name …!!


A :yar please… hmmm.. ok… sure that U do all thos u promised?


M: Promise….1000 times


A: MY name is Er. Varghese Thopil Cheriyan. Had done engg. At ur college some 25 yrs back.


M:What….?D…. D..DA…. DAD…..!! Is That U?


A: Yes... My Little Idiot.. N this is my New Number. And Now get back to studies instead of Hunting Girls … My little dumbo…!!!U think u are smart? Think Again dear. Ur Dad was smarter than u at college.  Pass the retest atleast .. n submit ur assignments at rite time. That's what I used To do…!!!


M: (Sheep-faced) Sorry DAD… i ll surely clear it nxt time. Dad U r a Master at the art of SMS-ing. Lucky that Mobiles were nt invented when u were in college.


A: Y so?


M: coz Mom wuldn have had any other Job other than Replying to ur shots…hihiihihi…. Thanx DAD for the chat…. Promise U … I ll clear it nxt time ..!!!


A: Ho ho … hi hi… Don worry my boy ... I know U ll do it …. Just Keep Trying… I meant .. Studies….N for Gods SAKE save my No. So that U dont get caught Red Handed Next Time.... !!! Take Care Dear Son


M: -Love U DAD… u TOO tc.


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